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Who is Konisha Harris

I am a licensed Cosmetologist who has always dreamed about changing the way people look and feel about themselves. I attended the Academy of Hair Technology and was inspired to persue my passion for hair by seeing hairshows and competing as a student. I believe knowing your true beauty first starts within and love to see the beauty come out of each individual that I encounter. Styling hair and applying makeup is one of my greatest achievements in life and I love that I can share my creativity with the world. My services start with hair but go far beyond by offering services such as lash extensions and flawless airbrush makeup! Call today to be made over into the new you at 864-201-2427!


What is The Hair Vixens?

The Hair Vixens is a company founded by Konisha Harris in an effort to share more beauty and creativity with the rest of the world. This Company is here to bring beauty and style to all. The Hair Vixens LLC., is looking forward to making a great change in the hair and fashion industry. Offering products that are natural and great for the hair The Hair Vixens has "Tickle My Cuticle" a stimulating growth oil that is made of all natural ingredients. Coming soon will be "Honey You Make Me Shine" a lock serum for dread looks to keep them looking healthy and shiny with no white residues. There is much more to come from The Hair Vixens so keep your eyes open and be ready to explore this hair world with us. Thank you!





Community service is a large aspect of our lives. Giving back to the community is a priority in this organization. The Hair Vixens supports churches with back to school programs by offering free makeovers to kids that are going back to school. The Hair Vixens LLC. also is linked with Make Me Over Inc. which is a non profit organization that gives their services to women and kids in crucial need, to help build up their self esteem and help them get back into the workforce. To learn more about Make Me Over Inc you can visit For more information you can email me at [email protected] or call at 864-201-2427864-201-2427. Thank you so very much for your time and remember there is always someone in need.