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Posted by Konisha Sloan on July 6, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Ok, Talk of the day is how to get the best orgasm! I read an article this morning and Micheal Basden was talking about how most women do not know their bodies and where their Gspot is. In the article a female doctor was saying how  women lack the pleasure they could recieve because of the mental stress, their health and them not loving themselves first. The sad thing is over 40% of women do not have the pleasure of having an organsm. My take on this is that you should explore your body and be confident in yourself. Know what feels good and what doesnt so that you can teach your mate. Also as far as health goes we as women need to drink plenty of water and eat the right nutrients. I have the problem of not drinking water myself and need to start drinking more water. The healthier your body is the better. Vaginal dryness not only effects women that are going through the changes but also can be from your body being dhydrated. Well I have said my piece for today! God Bless!. Let me know what you think about orgasms and why women are not being pleased as they should.

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Reply Byrd the Barber
8:11 PM on September 14, 2012 
I feel like alot of women aren't experiencing the type of pleasure they seek in the bedroom, not because they don't know their own bodies but because they are embarrassed to outwardly express their sexuality because of fear of being looked upon as a "freak" or being "overly experienced." Some men tend to be very selfish or rather impatient when it comes to assuring that their partner is equally satisfied. So I say this, If you as a women were to climb atop your mate and bring yourself to climax before he, then roll over and go to sleep.. Do you think he would have a problem pleasuring himself? Or better yet making an effort the next time to get "his" before or during the time your getting "yours"?? The answer is NO! So why should we?