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1. A weaving cap or stocking cap or net can be used under extension services.

2. Two packs of Human Hair, Human hair is the best for sew-ins to ensure longer wear and better manageability. For virgin hair 3 bundles is needed for a leave out sew-in. For a full sew-in 3 bundles and a lace closure is needed.


It takes approximately three and a half  hours for a sew-in. This includes the time for your hair to be cut and styled.Please note that time could be different for those with thicker and/or natural hair. 

Specialty Services Offered:

 If you have had the problem of wanting to be able to pull you extensions in a ponytail, worry no more. The techniques I use with my sew-in allows you to pull your hair in a ponytail with no braids or tracks showing. I also now offer completely sewn in invisible parts with no glue. Install of closures and lace wig installs are available. For those who wish not to have glue in their hair that is perfect for you and it still has a natural look. 


I want to say thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon!